A Little Boho


Wearing Ι Flare Pants :: c/o Swell // Black Top:: Free People // Shaggy Jacket :: Free People //
Coin Necklace :: Urban Outfitters // Booties :: Free People

When describing my style, I definitely would say boho is word that could be used. Recently though I have broken away from super boho style and started adapting to a more basic laid back one. I found myself the other day in major need for a little boho, and these pants + shag definitely created the perfect boho outfit. My friend Alex, who is just amazing, completed this boho look with this hair – so perfect! It’s funny how an outfit can change how we feel, when I put this outfit on I felt in my own skin and made me realize how I always want to keep my boho roots.

boho9 boho8boho11 boho7 boho2boho6  boho3  boho1Xxo

Hat Day


Wearing │ White Tee :: Free People // Ripped Skinny Jeans :: Free People // Over Sized Tote :: Free People // Baseball Hat :: Free People // Cheetah Sneakers :: Nordstrom // Sunglasses :: Free People

Lately my days have been busy busy and more busy, starting early and going late! So, I have found myself hitting the snooze button a couple times in the morning!  When I finally get out of bed I’m short on time so hats are my best friends. They save me so much time in the morning, I clean my face, do a little make-up , throw my hair in a low pony (sometimes a braid if I’m feeling fancy) and put the hat on to get out the door to grab my coffee to start my day!

bballhat6bballhat5bballhat4bballhat3bballhat2bballhat1Let me know if you have any tricks up your sleeves for quick morning regimes Xxo

New Look


Finally! The new Vanilla Fringe website is live and I couldn’t be more excited to share it with you all!  Since I took over Vanilla Fringe (in January) I haven’t changed much of Shae’s info to my info! It’s funny, I would have people who didn’t know me well but had seen VF ask if I liked to go by Gabi or Shae! Or sometimes I’d be asked if I was a guest post the blog! So I’m excited to finally have a new about me and have my own style brought to the website, while of course keeping Shae’s original VF inspiration in mind! So today’s post I thought it would be fun to do a little Q&A in celebration of the new site, so here we go!


Wearing │ Black Jeans :: Free People // Black Tank :: Free People // Halter Lace Bra :: Free People // Collar Necklace :: Thrifted [similar here]

↠How and when did Vanilla Fringe get started?
Vanilla Fringe started in 2012 by Shae, who I like to call the OG of VF! Shae is my older cousin who I’ve always looked up too, and when she got a new promotion (and engaged!) she asked if I would like to take over, so of course I said yes! So in the beginning of 2014 I took over Vanilla Fringe!

↠Is blogging my full time job?
No! I am actually a full time student at ASU studying Design Managment, plus a MIT at Free People, and also a design intern at Bloguettes! So VF is something I love to do on the side! And because I do have a pretty busy schedule I usually post 2-3 times a week, so check it out every Tuesday Thursday and sometimes [depending on the week haha] Friday!

↠5 things in my closet I couldn’t live without
-My favorite pair of ripped skinnies
-A panama hat // my solution to any bad hair day
-My favorite white tank // my go to basic
-This bag // its my whole life in it!
-A good pair of everyday boots


↠How would I describe my style?
Messy but put together, comfortable but stylish, & simple with statements!

↠Who are my style muses?
So so many but my tops :: The Olsen twins / Gillian Zinser / Blake Lively and Erin Watson—in my book, they can do no wrong!

I can’t even describe my excitement for this site! And my favorite part about the new website you ask, I can finally respond back to comments! So come on and bring on the comments, can’t wait to talk to you!! Hope you love the site, and let me know what you think Xxo


For Love

Wearing: For Love and Lemons Dress, Sam Edelman Platforms, Coin Necklace, Flash Tattoos

There’s not much to say about this post but wow, because that’s the only word that comes to mind when I look at this dress. I had been wanting this dress ever since For Love and Lemons came out with their spring ’14 lookbook!! Little to say I was very excited when I had an excuse to buy it for Shae’s Rehursal Dinner!

Which, if you missed the post about her wedding, check it out here it’s a good one :)