Turks and Caicos – Providenciales

My Grandma B (who I mentioned here) has been traveling to the Turks & Caicos since I was a little girl. She used to spend half of the year in Wisconsin (near here) and half of the year on the island of Providenciales (amazing, I know). When she passed away over a year ago, she left behind lots of lasting memories and her beachfront condo, which was her place to soak in rays, read, and drink cocktails named the “brown lady” (it is now a menu staple – as you can see above). I honestly did not go anywhere on the island without someone mentioning her name and what a nice person she was, and I miss her more and more every day. This was my first trip without her, and while I spent many minutes of the trip thinking about her, I know why she called it home; the locals are genuinely nice, the food is fantastic, and the view from her condo literally defines the word “paradise.” I would recommend this hot spot to anyone! See my favorite moments from our trip below!

Shots of the Ocean Club, aqua water, and white sand.

Da Conch Shack: a must visit!

Anacaona at Grace Bay Club – light up menus, fabulous staff, delicious food

My friend Sebastian.

Iguana Island

Snorkle trip and freshly made conch salad

View from our room – paradise

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