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MARCH 29, 2012

Fresh Fringe Chicago - Nellcote

by Shae

In an attempt to try every new hot spot in town, I have to say, Melissa and I are actually succeeding. Nellcote is a swanky, new, small plate restaurant complete with cool chandeliers, a bright orange bar, and exposed cement. I especially liked it because we didn’t feel like we were eating on top of one another; we opted to sit above the bar (must go to see what I mean) and were able to see almost the entire room, including the lavender wall (pic below). The food was delicious, and between you and I, the prices were not bad at all; well, okay, no need to keep that between you and I. Oh, and my favorite part (this might seem weird) were the bathrooms! Melissa and I were snapping photos of the feminine wallpaper and elegant sink. This is the kind of place you can bring your friends, significant other, and parents…everyone will love it! 


Fresh bread and prosecco

The wallpaper in the women's bathroom

Melissa and I in front of the Lavender Wall. Love her DVF scarfy top with the nude back. My shirt was last seen here.

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MARCH 28, 2012

Gingham Glam

by Shae

Wearing: C&C California Gingham Button Down, Patterend Scarf, Juicy Heart Bracelet, Forever 21 Ring, J Brand Skinny Jeans as seen here and here, Enzo Angiolini Gold Flats, Essie Playdate and Main Squeeze Nail Polish, My mom's gold belt. 

Gingham is no longer just for Kansas anymore. This trendy print is popping up everywhere, and as a lover of all things country (music, cows, barns, fields), I quickly jumped on the bandwagon. It was such a nice day Sunday that I threw this on with a lightly patterned scarf, my new goldy flats, and my go-to J Brand skinnys. This top will be in full rotation for concerts late spring and thrown over cut-offs when the weather warms up again. 

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MARCH 26, 2012

Grilled Breakfast Pizza

by Shae

If you’ve been reading my blog, you know I have an enormous crush on pizza. I enjoy making it; I love going out to eat it, and I’ll pretty much eat just about anything on top. So after a busy weekend, I wanted a hearty breakfast that didn’t include my skillet and PAM spray. I opted for a version of this Grilled Breakfast Pizza and enjoyed the sunshine, Sunday morning, and some runny eggs and bacon…and pizza.


  • Pizza Crust – I use a pre-made one as seen here. If you use a dough, turn the grill up a bit.
  • Parmesan Cheese
  • Mozzarella Cheese
  • Scallions
  • 3-4 Eggs
  • Cooked Bacon
  • Salt and Pepper
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil 
Turn grill on to medium heat. Evenly spread a thin layer of olive oil on both sides of the crust. Crack eggs into a measuring cup (keeping yolks in tact) and place crust on grill. After about 2 mins (if crust is still dough, leave on grill until crisp) flip and pour eggs on crusts (be careful – one of my eggs slipped off the crust and into the grill). Close grill and let eggs cook for about 2-3 mins. 
Once the white of the egg has cooked, sprinkle parm and mozz cheese evenly, close lid again, and let cheese melt for a minute or two. Crumble bacon on top and put pizza crust on a pizza pan. Sprinkle with salt, pepper, and scallions. Slice over runny yolks and SCARF! Yum! 

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MARCH 22, 2012

LA in March

by Shae

Wearing:  Billabong Lace Maxi Skirt, Forever 21 Tee, Steve Madden Sandals, My Mom's Vintage MCM Banjo Bag as seen here, here & here, Ray Ban Sunglasses as seen here & here, Teal Tank, Gold Metal Bracelet from here, Initial Bracelet as seen here, Gold Rhinestone Earrings as seen here, Essie Trophy Wife Nail Polish as seen here, CC Skye Spear Ring as seen a million times, my amazing dogs, and a stupid hair tie I forgot to take off my wrist. 

As I’ve said a million times, I am such a fan of lace; it’s elegant and pretty, and in this case, comfortable. I was a little stumped as to what to wear this with last week when I was running errands since I didn’t want to be to dressy, but I opted for this Forever 21 tribal tee and Steve Madden sandals. I now know what it feels like to live in L.A. in the winter; anything goes. I am jealous.

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