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JULY 29, 2011

Playing by the Lake

by Shae



Wearing:  Willi Smith Maxi Dress (from TJ Maxx, impressed?), La Mer Watch as seen here and here, Vintage Sunnies as seen here and here, Boutique 9 Sandals as seen here, Forever 21 Owl Necklace, CC Skye Spear Pave Ring, Chanel Lipgloss

A solid piece of your wardrobe doesn’t require many add-ons. For example, this dress could have worked sans the jewelry and barefoot, but because I was on a lake and not a beach, I had to keep the accessories. I love how this dress looks like two pieces and combines a fitted, pleated skirt with a loose, v-neck top. I know I will wear this to death in the fall with a chunky scarf, fitted leather jacket and cool boots.  

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JULY 26, 2011

Green Lake Insight

by Shae

Deep thoughts from dad happened last night after dinner while I was putting together these pictures for my blog. He was rattling off some great facts about the lake and giving me the inside scoop from a true cheese head. So, ears open? Green Lake is considered the dead sea to those fishermen who do not know their way around the lake, it is the deepest lake in Wisconsin, it has gorgeous sunsets and is very “clean and refreshing” (can you tell he grew up on this lake), Norwegian Bay is (my favorite area) where boats can pull up and anchor and swim…what else dad….oh , one of the only lakes with Lake Trout. Pack your bags fashionistas…Lake Trout, ya hear that?


Coffee in the morning by the water. 


Wearing: Vix Bathing Suit, Wildfox Tank, Feather Headband, Ray Ban Shades


Rows and rows of corn. 


Chillin on the boat early in the morning. 


 My favorite decorative accessory. 

Beautiful weather. 

Antique birdhouse and old cow bell decorate the porch perfectly. 

Lone fisherman in the "dead sea." 

Small foot prints and a beautiful sun set. 

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JULY 25, 2011

Lake House Attire

by Shae



Wearing:  Three Dots Maxi, Scoop NYC Double Layer Belt, Sam Edelman Sandals as seen here and here, Urban Outfitters Leo Necklace as seen here and here, CC Skye Pave Spear Ring as seen a million times on this blog, Vintage Wire Ring as seen a million times as well, Essie Nail Polish in Super Bossa Nova.

Every year my family and I look forward to our lake house trip. It is constant eating, drinking, sun-bathing and water activities. My suitcase usually consists of swimsuits, cover-ups, sandals and a zip up, but this year I decided to toss in a few maxi dresses for an easy dress-up alternative to my otherwise dull suitcase selection.





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JULY 22, 2011

Backward Braided Bun

by Shae


My sister is a pretty good braider, and when she showed me this fun, easy, and “out of your face” hairstyle the other day, I had her try it out. It turned out adorable, and I figured it would be an easy and quick morning up-do for our family vacation this weekend. And since she will be with me the entire time, I am surely going to keep my hair out of my face and work this fun bun.

hair1 Flip your head over and gather three small pieces at the center of your head.

Start to loosely french braid, adding small sections with every cross. 


Continue up half of your head. 

har Flip head back and put a ponytail on top of your head. 


Using bobby pins, pin hair into a loose bun. 

Hairspray well. 

The backward braided bun...or as my sisters and I are calling it...the triple B! 

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