San Clemente Snap Shots

This past Sunday my roommates were all gone and I had the day off from work, so I decided to hop in my car and start driving- with no idea where I was heading. I got onto Pacfic Coast Highway, rolled down my windows, jammed to good tunes and found myself in San Clemente; an awesome beach town full of good vibes and A LOT of surf inspo! Every once and awhile you have to get out of your comfort zone, go somewhere new and just explore! It was a good day to clear my head and have some me time- take a look at a few shots I took while exploring!!

– Confession: I am addicted to avocado. So living on Avocado St. would be a dream!  –

– My new friend over at BC Surf Shop, go in he’s pretty rad and the store is packed with awesome beach attire! –

– It was like everywhere I walked surf followed me, I didn’t mind though! –

– Ended the day with a fish taco on the beach, nothing better than that! –


Happy Wednesday, XO.



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