As mentioned here and here, my family went on a recent vacation to Wisconsin over New Year's, and while we were there, my little cousins saw my mom snapping some photos of me for my blog. My mom and aunt then decided it would be fun to shoot my little cousins in their own “blog attire” styled by my older cousins and myself.  Here are the results…adorable…I wish I could post a video of the process because it was quite comical. I will also add more photos in an album on the VF facebook page.

A few more loves…

My dog, Harley, who needed surgery this week on his shoulder. Thankfully, he is doing well. 


My Henri Bendel snow globe that is on my desk at work. I used to love snow globes as a little girl (I had all of the Disney ones. Mom, where are those?) There’s something so magical about them. 

I went home for dinner the other day, and my mother has already started decorating for Valentine’s Day. Not sure which I love more, the cherubs next to the vintage crown, or the glitter hearts and confetti in the Mackenzie Child glasses.  

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