Fresh Fringe Chicago – Arami Sushi

Oh, sushi, I could eat it every night. And I usually love the ambiance in sushi joints; young, vibrant people, super friendly staff, fresh food, and some sort of cool décor. So when Melissa and I (story background on this dinner here) decided to go out for dinner, I looked up some of the freshest new restaurants in town and found Arami to be near the top of the list. And let me tell you, it did not disappoint. See some of our favorite dishes below (disclaimer: I am about 98% sure on the items below, I really just took the server’s recommendations.)

Spicy Tako Spring Roll

Toro Tartar Bite, Mizuna Salad, Avocado Roll

Albacore Unagi

Arami Ramen

Hirame Spicy Tako

Visit Arami’s website for more info

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