DIY Shibori Dye Towels

How To Shibori Dye Towel

Hey guys, so a few years ago I saw an Instagram post of towels that were Shibori Dyed, and I DIED. I needed them in my life… but of course I couldn’t find them ANY WHERE and well, finally I decided I could just make them myself—I mean we are living in the generation of DIY!

Anyways… check out how to make them yourself and get with the Shibori trend already! I seriously can’t get enough of it & these towels!!DIY_Towels-22

Things you’ll need:

-How ever many white large, hand, and wash towels you want
-Lots & lots of rubber bands
-A large Bucket
-1 full bottle of Denim Rit Dye
-1/2 bottle of Black Rit Dye
-Lace of your choice (I suggest the whiter the better!)
-Iodine Salt
-Stir Stick (I just grabbed one from the paint department in Lowes)
-2 blocks of wood
-Tarp is optional!


»»Alright so I’m going to say this a few times in this post because I may or may not have messed these up a few times. But guys, make sure you ONLY wash the towels BEFORE dying… do not wash the towels after you are done dying, they’re only show towels so no need or the dye will bleed together!««


Ok now lets chat about how we make these amazing towels:

1) Wash your towels!
2) While the towels are in the wash, boil a gallon of water and put 2 gallons of water in your bucket.
3) Once the towels are done washing, rubber band your towels. I have shown above how I did mine, but feel free to google different ways make up your own! Make sure to not rubber band the hand towels… you want these to be solid.
4) Put the gallon of boiling water in the bucket along (which already has the 2 gallons of regular water) plus 2 cups of salt in the tub and one bottle of the denim dye and 1/2 the bottle of black dye.
5) Stir!!
6) Put your towels in the bucket—make sure the towels are not touching the bottom but also not out of the water. Leave it all in for 8-12 minutes depending on how dark you want the indigo color.
7) Take the towels out and rinse and squeeze with a hose, make sure to leave the towels rubber banded during this part. DO NOT put the towels in the wash.
8) Lay the towels out with the rubber bands still on for a few hours.
9) Cut the rubber bands off and lay the towels out flat to dry over night.
10) Sew the lace trim on your solid indigo hand towels and your ready to to hang your towels!

How cute are these towels all together? I am obsessed with the way they turned out and with my Plants, Beach Spray, and Bath Mat every time I walk into my bathroom I feel like I should be somewhere near a beach. A girl can only dream can’t see?DIY_Towels-3

See ya later fringies XO

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