DIY Creative Spring Planter

Approximate Cost: $15.00

Approximate Time: 30 minutes 


Things you will need:

  1. Organic Soil
  2. Gardening Trowel
  3. Festive Plant Holder (be sure there is a drainage hole in the bottom of the planter) 
  4. Any flower proportionate to the planter (in my case, pansies)
  5. English Ivy
  6. Natural Moss
  7. Spanish Moss
  8. Small Birds' Nest
  9. Florist Wire and Sticks (connected)
  10.  Ribbon (tip: ribbon with wire in it will hold the shape of the bow better)
  11. Decorative Butterfly (you can also use a bee, dragonfly, ladybug…all would be just as cute)
  12. Glue Gun
  13. Scissors 
Step 1: Fill planter half full with soil.
Step 2: Arrange flowers and ivy. (tip: when taking flowers out of their container, squeeze the soil. The soil tends to harden.
Step 3:  Fill open air space with leftover soil. Be sure there are no open holes. Water soil and flowers well, and rinse off excess dirt. 
Step 4: Tuck Spanish moss into the corners to cover the soil (you won't use a lot of this). 
Step 5: Glue a small amount of the natural moss to the bottom of the birds' nest to add natural detail.  
Step 6: Insert wire into the bottom of the birds' nest and push stick through slightly.
Step 7: Trim the wooden stick, then push the stick and birds' nest (together) into the soil.
Step 8: Insert a new wire into the decorative butterfly (or any insect). You may want to glue this as well. Push stick into soil. The wire will create the effect of the butterfly flying. 
 Step 9: Make a bow with the ribbon by looping one side to the other, not tying. 
Step 10: Wrap the wire around the center of the bow. Insert bow, wire, and stick into the soil. 
The perfect Mother's Day Planter! Give lots of sunlight, water and love!
I bought these ceramic rain boots at HomeGoods but a pair of vintage children's rain boots would be just as adorable.  

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