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MAY 9, 2014

Open Road

by Gabi

Wearing: Spell Gyspy Tank, Denim Cut Offs (as seen here and here), Crochet Flannel (as seen here), Free Bird Wyatt Boots, Vintage Concho Belt (similar here and here), Forever 21 Sunglass, Child of Wild Ring (also cool and similar), Forever 21 rings,

There's something about a road trip that I just love; open road, windows down and some good music. It puts my mind at ease. Today is a full day of driving as we only have 2 days to get to Chicago {learn about why I am heading there here}1 I My dad and I had to pull over to stretch our legs for a second so I took full advantage of getting some style pics. I got this Gypsy tee and big conch ring from my favorite San Diego store, Van De Vort {thank god for online shopping} and don't think I'll be taking either off this summer- my new favs!  Happy Friday fringers, xo!! 

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MAY 5, 2014

Cinco De Mayo: DIY Piñata Poppers!

by Gabi

Happy Cinco De Mayo everyone!! Not only is today a day meant for tacos, chips & salsa and a big maragrita (even if it is a virgin one) but today is my good friend and roommate's 21st birthday! I wanted to make our house a little festive for both occasions so I fringed (of course) every thing in bright colors, including these fun champaign poppers for pre bar hopping! How fun are they, and SO easy to make: here's how!

All you need:

-Bright colored tissue paper

-Glue (all I had was mod podge but any craft glue will work)

-Champaign Poppers (found at party stores)


Cut little Strips of tissue, messure around your poppers for length, and widtch I did about an inch and a half! Then make little fringes with a little space above, seen above!

Then, glue around your popper and place your tissue, you want to start at the bottom and make your way up!

Keep going up the popper with your different colors and there you go you have turned your little champaign popper into a piñata popper!! 

Have a fun and safe Cinco De Mayo fringers!! xo

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MAY 4, 2014

My Life as of Recently

by Gabi

- Not so recent obsession: coconut!! -

Hey fringers, deepest apologies for the lack of blogging, it has been a crazy couple of weeks! But no worries, I took some pictures of it all to update you! 

- Celebrating with my roommates a great year of living together, so sad for it all to end this Tuesday! - 

- This ring, my new obsession!! Designer: Child of Wild, bought from Van De Vort -

-This past week I have been taking my two roommates senior pics, such an easy job when working with such pretty ladies! Couldn't be more proud of these 2!! -

- Spending my last couple days in San Diego soaking up as much sun and eating as much acai as possible, with good company of course! Love my soul sister Natalie -

-My current house decor muse {found via pinterest} -

These last two weeks I have been spending lots of time saying my goodbyes and packing up my apartment as I head off to a new adventures! This week I will be road tripping all the way to Chicago where I will be spending my summer with family and working as a PR intern! So excited to see where this summer takes me! Would love for you all to join in on the adventure so check back this week to see how it all starts off!!




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APRIL 18, 2014

Smoothie No. 2

by Gabi

A few weeks ago I shared with you all one of my favorite smoothies, the BB&C (blueberries, bananas and coconut), so today I want to share with you all another fav. I like to call it the Green Goddess. It's delicious and full of nutrients, the perfect way to get your day started! So here is what you'll need:

- Frozen strawberries (I use between 4-6)

- 1/4 of an orange, squeezed 

- 2 hanfuls of spinach or any other leafy green 

-A tsp of honey

-A dash of coconut

-1 serving of vanilla protein


Blend all together in blender, and enjoy this yummy & refreshing smoothie! 

Mason Jar & Paper Straws

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