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MARCH 26, 2014

Smoothie time!

by Gabi

Ok, so as some of you may know I am a HUGE smoothie junkie, I usually have one for 2 of my 3 meals a day!! I guess you could say I find it fun coming up with different fruit combos to make a yummy and light meal! One smoothie that will always be my favorite though is my BB&C (blueberries, banana, and coconut) smoothie!  I recently just started adding the coconut (because I am a tad obsessed) so if you’re not a fan just omit- it’s just as delicious without it!

What you'll need:

1/3 cup of blueberries (I use frozen to make the smoothie thicker)

1/3 of a banana

1 tbsp. of coconut

Vanilla Protein (how ever much your container calls a portion)

A dash of cinnamon (this helps speed up your metabolism- my favorite incredient for every meal!)

1 tsp. vanilla extract 

Ice cubs (the more you use the thicker the smoothie will be)

1/3 cup of water


Once you've gathered up all the ingredients, all you have to do is blend all together!

Mason Jar, Paper Straws

If you’re a coconut fanatic like myself sprinkle a little on top, stick a cute straw in your cup and enjoy! Check out VF soon for more smoothie recipes to help keep your bikini bods in shape for the up coming seasons! Xo

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MARCH 21, 2014

Friday with Kate Moss

by Gabi

Wearing: Eleven Paris Kate Moss Shirt, Boyfriend Jeans (as seen here), Black Converse, Wrap Bracelet, Ray Ban Sunglasses, Vibrant Vibe Lipgloss

TGIF! Today, I'll just be hanging with my girl Kate Moss... well, that's on my shirt at least!! Haha, a girl can dream right? Anyways, short & sweet today. “Life’s a joke” is what the shirt says, so I say throw away your to do lists this weekend, draw a finger stash, grab one of these awesome Elven Paris shirts with your favorite celeb and go out and have some fun! You can laugh at it on Monday Xo

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MARCH 19, 2014

One Piece Fun

by Gabi

Wearing: Free People One Piece, Floppy Hat (seen here & here), Old sandals (similar to this), California Necklace, Pendant Necklace

So, this little black one piece made its way into my closet yesterday and let me tell you all, I am in love. It’s comfortable and light, perfect for the upcoming weather! It’s simple so I of course I had to accessorize with some stacked bracelets, a floppy hat, and a new favorite necklace! I have teamed up with Sweet Bling, a SD local jewelry online shop that carries tons of cute & fun accessories- this pendant! It's perfect to give an outfit a little extra sparkle. Give the site a look and make sure to follow their blog and instagram account!  Xo

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MARCH 10, 2014

Chihuly + Fashion

by Gabi

+ The above two pieces were my favorite in the exhibition.... white of course! +

Wearing: Cut off Shorts (as seen here), Free People Silo Tank, Thrifted Suede Fringe Jacket (similiar to this), Free People Boots (as seen here), Old Bib Necklace (similar to this and this), Michael Kors Sunglasses (as seen here)

This past Friday when I was in Phoenix my grandma asked me if I would want to go see Chihuly’s art work in the Desert Botanical Garden. I had never heard of Chihuly but art in the desert sounded right up my alley so obviously the answer was YES, and let me tell you it was AH-MAZING! I always love me some pops of bright color, and Chihuly's bright pieces of art in between the green of the cacti, trees, and bushes was just unbelievable! Oh and lets talk about my outfit, my new favorite vintage gem of a jacket was the perfect piece of fringe to bring into the exhibit- so many compliments (and stares haha)! It was a great evening to say the least and if you’re in the Phoenix area and love art, I definitely recommend you checking out it out at The Botanical Garden! XO

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