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APRIL 2, 2014

San Clemente Snap Shots

by Gabi

This past Sunday my roommates were all gone and I had the day off from work, so I decided to hop in my car and start driving- with no idea where I was heading. I got onto Pacfic Coast Highway, rolled down my windows, jammed to good tunes and found myself in San Clemente; an awesome beach town full of good vibes and A LOT of surf inspo! Every once and awhile you have to get out of your comfort zone, go somewhere new and just explore! It was a good day to clear my head and have some me time- take a look at a few shots I took while exploring!!

- Confession: I am addicted to avocado. So living on Avocado St. would be a dream!  - 

- My new friend over at BC Surf Shop, go in he's pretty rad and the store is packed with awesome beach attire! -

- It was like everywhere I walked surf followed me, I didn't mind though! -

- Ended the day with a fish taco on the beach, nothing better than that! -


Happy Wednesday, XO.



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MARCH 31, 2014

Taco Shop

by Gabi

Wearing: Wildfox CA Tank (similar to this), Floral Lace Shorts, Forever 21 Vest, Coin Necklace, Midi Ring, Nordstrom Sunglasses, Studded Boots (similar to this), Nailpolish 

OK, so how rad is this taco shop my friend Natalie and I stumbled upon in Hillcrest (side note she has a blog, Halfway to Harmony, check her out she’s adorbs)!! We fell in love with the bright colored walls and couldn’t help but snap a few pictures! I'm actually looking at these photos wishing I ran in and grabbed a fish taco! But ways, it was such a fun girls day full of sun, tea and LOTS of catching up! 

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MARCH 26, 2014

Smoothie time!

by Gabi

Ok, so as some of you may know I am a HUGE smoothie junkie, I usually have one for 2 of my 3 meals a day!! I guess you could say I find it fun coming up with different fruit combos to make a yummy and light meal! One smoothie that will always be my favorite though is my BB&C (blueberries, banana, and coconut) smoothie!  I recently just started adding the coconut (because I am a tad obsessed) so if you’re not a fan just omit- it’s just as delicious without it!

What you'll need:

1/3 cup of blueberries (I use frozen to make the smoothie thicker)

1/3 of a banana

1 tbsp. of coconut

Vanilla Protein (how ever much your container calls a portion)

A dash of cinnamon (this helps speed up your metabolism- my favorite incredient for every meal!)

1 tsp. vanilla extract 

Ice cubs (the more you use the thicker the smoothie will be)

1/3 cup of water


Once you've gathered up all the ingredients, all you have to do is blend all together!

Mason Jar, Paper Straws

If you’re a coconut fanatic like myself sprinkle a little on top, stick a cute straw in your cup and enjoy! Check out VF soon for more smoothie recipes to help keep your bikini bods in shape for the up coming seasons! Xo

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MARCH 21, 2014

Friday with Kate Moss

by Gabi

Wearing: Eleven Paris Kate Moss Shirt, Boyfriend Jeans (as seen here), Black Converse, Wrap Bracelet, Ray Ban Sunglasses, Vibrant Vibe Lipgloss

TGIF! Today, I'll just be hanging with my girl Kate Moss... well, that's on my shirt at least!! Haha, a girl can dream right? Anyways, short & sweet today. “Life’s a joke” is what the shirt says, so I say throw away your to do lists this weekend, draw a finger stash, grab one of these awesome Elven Paris shirts with your favorite celeb and go out and have some fun! You can laugh at it on Monday Xo

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