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SEPTEMBER 11, 2014

They Got Hitched: The Ori's

by Gabi

Alright, so over Labor Day weekend Shae (original VF) got married! Can I just start by saying, if this isn't the best looking couple you'd ever seen, I don't know who you all know!  Not only were they the best looking couple ever, their special day was flawless. Full of beautiful flowers, a lot of whites and cream, lots of guests and of course an overabundance of love. This day was too good not to share.

 If you've ever dreamed of a barn wedding, this wedding would have been  your dream wedding! It was beautiful, my Aunt Robyn didn’t miss a thing.   The entire day was picture worthy, so of course my camera was by side! So here's a round-up of just some of my favorites things!!! 

The bridal party got their Green Lake (GL) love on with t-shirts and mimosas while getting ready!

My little cousin Katie was one of the tumbleweeds (instead of flower girls, love it!) and if this picture doesn't melt your heart, I don't know what will!

Vintage furniture was set up around the venue for cocktail hour! How cute were these homemade lace hay-sack seat covers. I mean, seriously... who thinks of this? LOVE!

Another picture of the tumbleweeds outfit, because I can't get enough! The dress and necklace were all made by Paris Montana

These signs were made for the flower girls to hold and run around the dance floor! It was adorable! 

^^ Are you drooling yet?


Like I said, it was an amazing wedding and I am so happy I was able to be apart of Shae & Mark's special day. It was seriously a weekend to remember! If you want to check out any more pictures from the wedding/weekend via instagram, the hashtag #GLisforlover was used!! 



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Flower Child

by Gabi


Wearing: Tank Dress Free People, Belt Free People, Child of Wild x Flash Tattoos

Oh gosh! So sorry for the lack of blogging, but I’m back! I just recently started up school and work again and actually just got an amazing internship (will be posting about that soon!)  I am super busy with it all and so I have decided I’m going to start post Tuesday’s, Thursday’s and… hopefully Friday’s! 

Anyways, can we talk about this headpiece? So amazing & it’s all thanks to the beautiful flowers used at Shae’s wedding. I  loved them so much I had to snag  a few and use them for something! And yes… I SAID SHAE’S WEDDING! AKA THE OG OF VANILLA FRINGE FINALLY TIED THE KNOT to the most amazing man ever (I know you’re reading, love you Marky!) last weekend! 

It was the most incredible wedding I have ever seen! I don’t want to spoil too much because come back Thursday and you’ll get to see how amazing it was with the pictures I have from the special day! It will be a blog post you wont want to miss!! Consider my flower headpiece you’re little sneak peak… You’re welcome ;)


Talk to y’all Thursday! Xoxo

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AUGUST 20, 2014

Desert Daze

by Gabi

Wearing: Top Free People, Flare Denim Free People, Old Black Booties Free People (similar here & here), Sunglasses, Necklace

Cacti, a lot of dirt, 100 degrees. Yup I am definitely back in Arizona. Happy Wednesday Xo

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AUGUST 18, 2014

Back To School Organizing

by Gabi

OMG, only 3 more days left of summer… I don’t think I’m ready for this!! Last week when I got back from my summer in Chicago, I realized I didn’t have much time until I was going to be busy with school work so I got on top of making all my appointments and thank god I had a planner to write it all down and keep straight. 

Yes I did say a planner… I do understand iPhones have a calander and it’s super easy to add events, but I am someone who HAS to see things written down! But of course a boring planner is just not going to cut it for me, so here’s a couple things I like to do to make my planner different and make organizing in a planner a little more fun!

I found this basic (but super cute) planner at target and thought I could totally make this even cuter, with adding a touch of fringe! So keep reading to learn how to make back to school organizing a little more fun! Above are the things you’ll need, all from Target! 

I bought my tassel, but if you can’t find one or they don't come in the color you like, they are super easy to make and here’s a great tutorial for you all from Lula Louise!

Anyways to start, I got my tassels and tied it to the side of my planner! Doesn’t get any easier than that! 

I love washi tape and found these fun colors and patterns and thought they a perfect alternative for highlighters! I thought it would also be fun to cut little arrows to point to put next to a few of my appointments! There are so many fun printed washi tape and they just bring a little life to any planner! I also like using post it notes for when I need to add in some info, like for my doctors appointment I looked up the address and put it on a post it note and just placed it by the appointment time

The washi tape is also great for the monthly calendars for when you have to make note of a long period of time, for instance, fall break!! Can you tell I’m already counting down the days for a couple days off of school!? LOL. 

Comment and let me know if you have any other fun ideas to make back to school organizing a little more fun! Happy first week of school for all you that are starting school this week!! Xo


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