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AUGUST 18, 2014

Back To School Organizing

by Gabi

OMG, only 3 more days left of summer… I don’t think I’m ready for this!! Last week when I got back from my summer in Chicago, I realized I didn’t have much time until I was going to be busy with school work so I got on top of making all my appointments and thank god I had a planner to write it all down and keep straight. 

Yes I did say a planner… I do understand iPhones have a calander and it’s super easy to add events, but I am someone who HAS to see things written down! But of course a boring planner is just not going to cut it for me, so here’s a couple things I like to do to make my planner different and make organizing in a planner a little more fun!

I found this basic (but super cute) planner at target and thought I could totally make this even cuter, with adding a touch of fringe! So keep reading to learn how to make back to school organizing a little more fun! Above are the things you’ll need, all from Target! 

I bought my tassel, but if you can’t find one or they don't come in the color you like, they are super easy to make and here’s a great tutorial for you all from Lula Louise!

Anyways to start, I got my tassels and tied it to the side of my planner! Doesn’t get any easier than that! 

I love washi tape and found these fun colors and patterns and thought they a perfect alternative for highlighters! I thought it would also be fun to cut little arrows to point to put next to a few of my appointments! There are so many fun printed washi tape and they just bring a little life to any planner! I also like using post it notes for when I need to add in some info, like for my doctors appointment I looked up the address and put it on a post it note and just placed it by the appointment time

The washi tape is also great for the monthly calendars for when you have to make note of a long period of time, for instance, fall break!! Can you tell I’m already counting down the days for a couple days off of school!? LOL. 

Comment and let me know if you have any other fun ideas to make back to school organizing a little more fun! Happy first week of school for all you that are starting school this week!! Xo


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JULY 28, 2014

#SSCHI - Simply Stylist

by Gabi

This past Saturday I was lucky enough to attend The Simply Stylist Conference in Chicago! Of course, it was nothing short of FABULOUS! The speakers were all SO inspiring and I was able to meet so many great people!  Here are some photos of these day of fashion and inspiration! 

My OOTD: Tunic: Free People, Denim Shorts, Heels, Vintage Louis Vuitton, Coin Necklace

Host (on the left) Catt Sadler! (Left to Right) Annie Finch, Allison Cooke, Stephanie Mark, Wendy Nguyen

I can't explain enough how amazing this panel of women were! All so passionate about what they do and never stop at getting to where they want to go! Can't thank Simply Stylist enough for picking such amazing women!! Xx


 The Rooftop of the Dana Hotel, AWESOME view!


An Awesome (and also greatly priced) perfume from Cocktail Perfume!

Speakers Corri McFadden from eDropp-Off and Heidy Best from BeClothesMinded

A group of all the girls at Jess's (from Jess & Jill) Blogging 101!

Saturday was a day for the books! If you are any bit interested in working in the fashion industry or wanting to start blogging or even just want a day of some inspiration from amazing people, you need to go to Simply Stylist! Xx

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JULY 25, 2014

My Nordstrom Round Up

by Gabi

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale is seriously like every fashionista's Christmas... but BETTER because it lasts longer than just one ay!! Now until August 4th you're able to shop online and in store the most popular sale ever! I am obsessed with the sale and wanted to share a few of my favorite steals from the sale!  Comment and let me know if you've scored any deals from the best sale of the year! Xo

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JULY 21, 2014

DIY My favorite Dream Catcher

by Gabi

About a year ago I started my first blog, "Trimmed With Lace" I occaasionally posted about outfits and DIY but never shared! Except for one post, the DIY project I did for a dream catcher! I still get notifications on my pinterest about repins of the picture and people always ask where I got my dream catcher (I have it hanging on my rearview mirror!) So, I thought I would bring this back and share with all you fringers!!


So first you'll need all the supplies (all pictured below, you can also grab anything you think might look cute and reflect your personal style!)

Now for the making!!

1. Start with tying the doily with the thread to your branch wreath

2. After that, tie your string/lace/trim/fabric to the bottom of your dream catcher, I found these feathers and just tied them with the string!

3. Last make a loop at the top of your dream catcher to hang where you ever you would like! Like I said I have mine in my car, but it's great for hanging on the wall or above your bed! Hope you guys love this, so easy and a great touch for a true boho girl!






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