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MARCH 21, 2014

Friday with Kate Moss

by Gabi

Wearing: Eleven Paris Kate Moss Shirt, Boyfriend Jeans (as seen here), Black Converse, Wrap Bracelet, Ray Ban Sunglasses, Vibrant Vibe Lipgloss

TGIF! Today, I'll just be hanging with my girl Kate Moss... well, that's on my shirt at least!! Haha, a girl can dream right? Anyways, short & sweet today. “Life’s a joke” is what the shirt says, so I say throw away your to do lists this weekend, draw a finger stash, grab one of these awesome Elven Paris shirts with your favorite celeb and go out and have some fun! You can laugh at it on Monday Xo

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MARCH 19, 2014

One Piece Fun

by Gabi

Wearing: Free People One Piece, Floppy Hat (seen here & here), Old sandals (similar to this), California Necklace, Pendant Necklace

So, this little black one piece made its way into my closet yesterday and let me tell you all, I am in love. It’s comfortable and light, perfect for the upcoming weather! It’s simple so I of course I had to accessorize with some stacked bracelets, a floppy hat, and a new favorite necklace! I have teamed up with Sweet Bling, a SD local jewelry online shop that carries tons of cute & fun accessories- this pendant! It's perfect to give an outfit a little extra sparkle. Give the site a look and make sure to follow their blog and instagram account!  Xo

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FEBRUARY 26, 2014

Being 20 Somethin

by Gabi

So yesterday, I was doing my thing on Pintrest and came across this pin “20 Rules a Woman Should Live By”, I almost just  skipped it because I have read about a million of those and they all pretty much say the same thing! But I thought, “what the heck”- so I clicked on it and let me tell ya, I am so glad I did!

I don’t know if it was the feel good music I was listening to (Sam Hunt- he’s been on repeat the past 24 hours) or what but after I got done reading it I said to myself “WHAT AM I DOING, I’m 21 I need to start acting young and living my life!!!” 

Wearing: Free People Sweater, Free People Denim Cut Offs, Converse Chuck Taylors, Free People Necklace

So obviously some serious life evaluating happened and well I just wanted to share with you all some of my thoughts!

#4: "It's okay to be 22 or even 32 or 42 and not know what you want to be when you grow up. "

 Ok PHEW, because currently this “what do I want to be” topic has been a huge stressor in my life! So much actually that I’m taking the semester off because my stress level was unreal for a 21 year old! At first it freaked me out, taking time off and being “behind”, but like I said I am only 21… there really isn’t any rush the more I think about it!

#8: "Your parents already lived a bulk of their life. It's time to start living yours. It is possible to both respect them and be happy. Sometimes they may get mad at your choices, make those choices anyway, they love you and will eventually come around."

Growing up I had always been the “angel child” never broke a rule and always wanting to please my parents… but I’m now 21 and this rule was a TOTAL wake up call! Sorry mom and dad, I seriously love you both with ALL of my heart but I need to start making my own decisions to please ME. So I don't know, maybe it's time to break a rule or two :]

#13: "Don't keep company with those who constantly compare themselves to you. Keep company with those who love you for you and enhance your life."

PREACH! I learned this one at a pretty young age from a bad friendship, seriously listen to this rule: just get out now! No one should be comparing himself or herself to you, whether it be as a “compliment” or “bringing you down” both ways they’re jealous and jealousy doesn’t go well with friendship! End of story.

#17: "In your life you will wind up with a select few friends who are more like your soul mates. Cherish them, they'll be the ones around when the party is over."

Life is so much better when you have girlfriends you can always count on, hold on to them tight and cherish them! Even if life has different places for you, I have learned that no matter the distance if they're true friends they'll still be there. Also, don’t forget about your mom and sister(s) those ones are pretty much a guarantee to be there once the party is over! Love you Mom and Sav!!!

And last… #19: "Live each day with no regrets. Don't fret over the past, even the bad parts shape us for the future."

“Don’t regret the past” I hear this all the time, but yet I still have trouble (and I’m sure I’m not the only one). I seriously ask myself all the time, why do I do this, it’s in the past and there’s nothing I can do about it! So it's finally time for me to work on living in the present, and only visit the past when telling really funny/embarrassing stories! 

Mini Polaroid Camera

So today, I take a vow to follow the "20 Rules a Women Should Live By!" I will start by; acting my age and being  young and alive, not on the list but taking more random goofy pictures, and I don't know maybe I wont find my prince this weekend but that doesn't mean I have to shut down the wrong frogs! I'm taking a little something from each of these rules and hope you all find atleast one you want to follow! Thanks Girls Guide To for providing the best rules ever, happy hump day all! Xo 



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FEBRUARY 21, 2014

FP Obsessed

by Gabi


Wearing: Free People Story Teller Tee, Old Free People Denim Shorts, Halter Bra, Frye Boots, Crystal Necklace (similar to this),Wire Ring, Alex and Ani Braclets (here and here)

Well, I’m sure you have all noticed by now that I am just a little obsessed with Free People. I'm sorry, I can't help it, their clothes are just too perfect and beautiful, and to be honest describe my style to a T! I love the mix of feminine, tomboy, yet sexy style they offer all while having this cool boho vibe! Everything from Free People's clothes, to blog, to store displays are so inspiring which make it impossible to not get lost in all their clothes in stores and online! I love this little outfit for a little sexy country vibe, with the back being completely open and having a little bit of the halter bra peeking out! Thank you Free People for bringing all the best style inspiration, Vanilla Fringe would probably not be here without you! XO

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