Avocado and Corn Salsa

I’m attending a pool party tonight with some friends and I promised a super yummy (and easy to transport) dip. This corn and avocado salsa my mom made for our last BBQ instantly came to mind. And after she sent me the recipe, I decided it will now be one I bring to the remaining parties I have this summer; simple and the perfect blend of kick and flavor. Enjoy!


  • 1 can black beans (rinsed & drained)
  • I/2 package of corn (vegetables)
  • I package of Mexican corn, black beans, and diced onion and peppers (frozen) OR can of Mexican medley veggies OR chopped peppers is fine too
  • 1/2 red onion; chopped
  • 2 fresh tomatoes (cut small)
  • 3 fresh avocados (cut small)
  • 1/2 squeezed lemon
  • 3 TBS olive oil
  • 2 packages of taco seasoning
  • 1/2 cup Italian dressing

Add a few dashes of hot sauce (if desired), mix all together and serve with tortilla chips or Fritos, and a cold Corona!

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