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MAY 21, 2012

Vintage Fair

by Shae

Alternating floral prints on the drawers of a dresser

Last weekend my best friend, mom, and I hit up Three French Hens Flea Market about an hour or so outside of Chicago in Morris, IL. My mom talked us into going as she said, quote, “This was the cutest town you’ll ever see.” So naturally, we couldn’t pass it up.  Well, I must admit, she was right. The town was adorable, the sellers were stocked, and despite the rain, I managed to pick up quite a few things for the new place I’m moving into in a few weeks (pics to come). See some of the highlights below… 

Old wheels for a wall

Fresh flowers and a moss purse I picked up for my grandma for Mother’s Day

I am obsessed with the smell of fresh lavender. I have a small bag of it in each of my drawers. 

A light teal nightstand. 

I bought these vintage baskets lined with burlap for my bathroom – perfect for toilet paper, seashells, or magazines. 

Decorative pens - I pictured these in a mason jar on a desk or in the kitchen. 

Cool musical note candles

 Mason jars on glass stems, also known as red neck wine glasses. 

I have no idea who these people are, but I saw this grandpa and son staring at the river alongside of the fair, and it was too adorable to pass up. 

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2012-05-21 17:58:40
Such a great day it was! Well have to go back this Fall when the leaves turn....
2012-05-22 11:25:18
I had the best time that day! I can't wait to go back!
2012-05-24 15:31:08
All of this stuff is so cute! Good find!
2012-05-24 20:13:08
Love the last pic!
Vicki L
2012-05-27 20:40:39
My friend's boyfriend is from this town!! We dropped him off on the way back from Mizzou once and the town and the houses were all so adorable!! I'll have to check out the flea market!

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