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APRIL 12, 2011

Some Things Never Go Out Of Style

by Shae



Wearing: Fluxus Fringe Top (old), Lace Tank, BCBG Wide Leg Trousers (old) similar to these, My Mom's Vintage Chanel Earrings, Vintage Rings as seen here, Random Bangles and Pearls, Snakeskin iPad Case. 

In my opinion, fashion doesn’t always need to be the newest piece, off the hottest runway, or the most expensive trend. I believe fashion is being able to mix designer pieces with reasonably priced pieces. Because at this point in my life, I cannot afford every $5,000 bag that comes my way. I’d love to, but I can’t. Incorporate something brand new in your closet with something you purchased last year. Again, at this point, who can redo their wardrobe every six months? This outfit, which has become one of my favorite fashion posts yet, does just this. Besides the snakeskin iPad case and iPad, nothing is brand new. I bought these wide-leg trousers right after college when I needed to give my wardrobe a little class…the ripped bottom jeans and loose tops (to hide the beer belly) just weren’t cutting it. This fringe crop top was a gift from one of my friends last year, and up until today, I had worn it with cut-off shorts and black gladiator sandals. I love the fringe detail (always)…reminds me of a suspenders look with edge. I paired a lace, fitted tank underneath for more coverage. The vintage Chanel earrings were my mom’s and are such a wonderful statement piece. I love a fabulous costume earring (these are actually clip-ons, which makes them even more chic) and especially a vintage Chanel pair.









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2011-04-12 07:41:14
LOVE this out!! You look so put together and you have AWESOME accessories!!
2011-04-12 08:14:45
I think this is my favorite fashion post yet too. Lovin' the ensemble!
Mary Kelly
2011-04-12 14:37:01
The best pic is of you smiling. More like this please!
2011-04-12 16:31:17
Just found your blog. It's so cute! Love your style and mix of trends. Your earrings are too cute, I have been on the hunt for some vintage oversized Chanel earrings. xx-Jackie
Lori C.
2011-04-12 18:14:13
What a great look, very chic. I remember those earrings, there at least 20 years old and still look stunning and classic! They should be they were ove $400 at the time!
2011-04-12 19:37:35
Great blog Honey check my blog go see and tell what you think xoxo

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