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FEBRUARY 21, 2012

Graffiti Stripes

by Shae

Wearing: Bailey 44 Striped Backless Top NOW AVAILABLE, Joes Flares as seen here, Steve Madden Platforms (now on sale!), Leopard Skinny Belt, Michael Kors Watch as seen here and here, Chan Luu Wrap Bracelet, Red Nomad Fluxus Scarf, Marc Jacobs Sunglasses (similar to these) as seen here, CC Skye Ring as seen here, here and here (and a million other times).

I am so accustomed to seeing graffiti walls in the city that I usually look past the art and vibrant colors that cover many buildings and fences in Chicago. However, over the weekend, I thought I’d ditch the flowerless corners and desolate streets to shoot an outfit post with some energy. I tracked down a bright wall nearby to stand in front of and check out the murals someone with serious artistic ability constructed. Sometimes it is the things we see every day that can make a simple Sunday so vivid. 

Oh, and PS: Your beauty tip of the week…use a straw when drinking coffee, it will not stain your teeth. 

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2012-02-21 07:41:47
LOVE this outfit!!! I love black and white, and red, and stripes!!!
2012-02-21 08:59:13
These pictures are absolutely gorgeous!!!! I need that shirt when it hits the stores. Can't wait for you to share the link!!!!!!!!!!
2012-02-21 20:11:01
Love the top and love the flares and love everything!! I also enjoyed your beauty tip... I am for sure going to start drinking my coffee with a straw!
2012-02-21 21:52:36
Love that you are so good at making everything "pop"!.... Between the clothes and the settings you choose.. I'm always interested! Fabulous ....can't wait to see what is next...
2012-02-22 19:53:13
Shae, I love this look!! Right up my alley :)
2012-02-23 09:58:16
Love, love this outfit...and your pictures!!
2012-02-27 15:23:41
What a fun shirt! I love backless!
2012-03-04 09:46:30
Stripes are an absolute must in my wardrobe, I love them, so this post is awesome, especially the unusual detail on the back. Loving it!! Esther xx
2012-03-06 06:16:16
LOVE this outfit. Black and white is so classic. xoxo Mandy

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