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JUNE 6, 2012

Fresh Fringe Morris, IL - Letty Mae's Tea Room

by Shae

Chicken salad sandwich, chips, fruit, and tomatoe tortellini soup 

A couple weeks ago my mom and bestie and I were in Morris, IL for a flea market and stopped for lunch at Letty Mae’s Tea Room. About every five minutes you heard a “how cute is this” from one of the three of us (seriously if someone recorded us,  it would have been embarrassing) because everything from the table settings to the décor was simply adorable. Vintage pieces and refurbished furniture made up the majority of the resturant and homemade goodness made up the menu. If you are ever near this town, be it driving through or slightly out of the way, you must visit this spot. You’ll be saying “how cute was that” the entire way home. 

Vintage fine china and fresh flowers

Vintage household items on the wall for added flair

Strawberry lemonade and iced tea

The sign for the ladies bathroom 

Little vintage shopping while you wait? (And you will most likely wait, I'd make a reservation if you know you'll be in the area.)

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2012-06-06 08:28:06
What adorable place to eat would love to go there. Ou have the most interesting blog. I read it every week. Good ideas and love the clothes.Patt
2012-06-06 11:20:27
I can't wait to go back... the town was adorable and this restaurant was great!!!

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