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SEPTEMBER 19, 2011

DIY - Cardboard Shelves

by Shae

As I mentioned a few times on my blog, I recently moved in with my girlfriends. And since I bought a brand new dresser, mirror, and bedding, I wanted to save a little moola and be creative with my icky, mint-colored bare wall. I had seen a similar version to these in a home store as I was shopping for my bedding, and I knew these would be super easy to duplicate and add my own personal flare. So with a little help from my mom, I distressed the edges, stamped the cardboard and added my favorite picture frames and decorative pieces to my new, handmade, rustic-looking shelves. Directions are below. Oh, and P.S., these cost under $10. 

Things you need:

  • Shelving brackets (2 per card board piece)
  • Stamps of your choice (I used a fleur de lis and embossed writing stamps)
  •  #8 screws
  • Cardboard boxes 

Step 1: Cut the cardboard boxes into shelves of your desired width and length. I cut 1 shelf into 10 x 48 and 2 shelves into 10 x 24. 

Step 2: Level and space out the brackets and shelves according to wall and amount of shelves. 

Step 3: Glue four pieces of cardboard together, place on top of the brackets and screw into place so as to fasten the cardboard to the metal bracket. 

Step 4: Dust and stamp each shelf with desired stamps. Place decorative items on the shelf, being careful not to add anything too heavy. 

Now, boast to your friends and fam about how cheap and cool these are. You’re welcome! 

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monika rose
2011-09-19 07:57:10
I love this for your room! So creative and functional. I would love to see the entire room and what you did with it! You could hang your necklaces from the animal on the wall too!
2011-09-19 09:16:07
What great project.... creative and adorable!
2011-09-19 21:40:48
Great idea and easy on the wallet... i might just do that but cover it up w/ fabric or paint.
2011-09-20 10:53:24
What a creative and cute idea! :)

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