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JULY 12, 2012

Blue and Yellow

by Shae

Wearing: Madewell Yellow Blouse, Navy Mini Skirt (old) as seen here and similar to this, My Mom’s Vintage Belt as seen here, here and here, Chanel Aviators, Michael Kors Chain Ring, CC Skye Pave Spear Ring, Aldo Wedges (on sale!)

My brain is a little fried after this jam-packed week, but I can say I have some great news coming up about an event I will be hosting for Vanilla Fringe, so hey, the work is rewarding. I dug this skirt out of my closet this week; I swear it shrunk or my legs grew longer. Either way, it’s still one of my favorites. I paired it with my mom's vintage belt and this new bright yellow (my favorite color; well, tied with purple) blouse. It was the perfect pick-me-up for the middle of the week! 

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2012-07-12 06:01:59
You look beautiful! Love that blouse. And what a view!
2012-07-12 06:03:01
Mama! Who's your new photographer? Love the Sears tower shots!
Janet :-)
2012-07-12 10:07:27
Wish I had a 'mom's closet' to find goldmines like that amazing belt, yellow's my fav for a pick-me-up too, always great pics and love shots of the city in background.
2012-07-12 13:40:48
These pictures are awesome! Where did you take them??? Love the outfit too... each piece seems like a summer necessity!
2012-07-12 15:33:15
love the way you use the accessories to make this outfit such a good idea and so cute!!
Patt stout
2012-07-13 06:19:29
Beautiful outfit. You look good in everything. The view is awesome. Wear more yellow.
2012-07-13 21:48:51
Looove this Shaegirl! So cute!! Xo
2012-07-14 03:51:12
Your pictures are so sharp. Love the one with Chicago skyline. You are a perfect fit for chicago .
2012-07-14 06:57:10
love the rooftop pics!!
2012-07-15 09:06:57
love love love this look!

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