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JULY 22, 2011

Backward Braided Bun

by Shae


My sister is a pretty good braider, and when she showed me this fun, easy, and “out of your face” hairstyle the other day, I had her try it out. It turned out adorable, and I figured it would be an easy and quick morning up-do for our family vacation this weekend. And since she will be with me the entire time, I am surely going to keep my hair out of my face and work this fun bun.

hair1 Flip your head over and gather three small pieces at the center of your head.

Start to loosely french braid, adding small sections with every cross. 


Continue up half of your head. 

har Flip head back and put a ponytail on top of your head. 


Using bobby pins, pin hair into a loose bun. 

Hairspray well. 

The backward braided bun...or as my sisters and I are calling it...the triple B! 

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2011-07-22 06:39:50
Looks like you use Pureology......the best stuff on earth! Where did you get the cute flat sandals?
2011-07-22 07:10:41
Hey Raquel, I LOVE pureology but actually the hairspray in the photo is just Herbal Essences (I love how it smells). The sandals are from Stilettos in Buffalo Grove, IL. So cute!
2011-07-22 16:25:24
so Cute
2011-07-24 16:57:17
that is SUPER cute!!

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